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Are you having an account on the data gathering website and want to cancel it? Cancelling unwanted subscription can help you in saving money and help increase data privacy. It can help save money and have a proper budget for other financial spends. It ensures that there is no unnecessary billing on subscriptions that are of no use. It’s just a matter of few steps that are to be followed to cancel subscription.

So here we go!! Read on how to cancel subscription…

More About

PeopleLooker is a website that helps to know more about people. PeopleLooker’s subscription can help you to know about someone’s address, connections, contact details, etc. You may know someone’s email address, their lost contact details and reconnect with them using subscription. Subscribing to allows users to search people by their name, address or phone number, etc. and view public records and people on several social media platforms like Facebook and others.

People can view details like name, address, aliases, relatives, contact details (email, phone number), etc. Anyone can search for someone on and then subscribe to receive the results that it presents from millions of records. It offers two types of subscription plans, monthly subscription that allows to search 100 records per month and a three-month subscription too. It is renewed every month unless you cancel it.

Why Cancelling Subscription is Important?

Cancelling subscription is important because of several reasons. Although this platform allows access to public records its not meant for background check. It can risk in information being misused. It operates on a subscription-based platform where you have to pay a monthly or quarterly amount. The subscription automatically renews unless you cancel it. Cancelling the subscription can help avoid unwanted charges and prevent future charges and save money if you no longer use this platform.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cancel the Subscription

Let me take you through the cancellation process. Follow the listed steps to cancel subscription.

Cancel online

  1. Log into account: – Find “My Account” button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the button to proceed further.
  2. Go to the subscription page: – Click on “Account Information” and the “View Membership options”. It will redirect to subscription page, where there is subscription option. It contains the billing date, history, and cancellation information.
  3. Select “Cancel my subscription”: – You may click on cancel my subscription button and then it will redirect to the cancellation page.
  4. Confirm: – Confirm your cancellation by clicking on “No thanks, just cancel my subscription”.
    cancel peoplelooker subscription

Cancel using Phone

  1. Have information ready: – Before starting the cancellation process have your information ready such as login credentials and subscription details.
  2. Call customer service: – Call peoplelooker customer service. You can contact at 1-800-218-3309. Give account information and the reason for cancellation.
  3. Verify cancellation: – After following the steps provided by the customer support representative ask them to verify the cancellation. Check your mail to verify.

Cancel using Mail

  1. Send a mail: – You can mail the PeopleLooker’s customer support mail id [email protected].
  2. Confirmation: – You will get a subscription cancellation confirmation mail.
    a screenshot of a website peoplelooker

Examples of Platforms Aggregating Personal Data

In addition to PeopleLooker, several other platforms aggregate personal data, including:

These platforms highlight the pervasive nature of data aggregation and the importance of proactive privacy management.

Case Study

Shailly a college student who is active on social media came to discover that she has been charged some amount every other month. After knowing this she discovered that the recurring unwanted charges were of her subscription of the platform subscription that renewed automatically every month. Then she decided to unsubscribe to save her money as she no longer required the subscription.

She got alarmed as this could have resulted in unnecessary charges and would disturb her budget. So, for better she followed the steps to unsubscribe the subscription and then verified her cancellation. Finally!! Her subscription got cancelled. This wise decision was further fruitful to maintain her budget as well as reduced her bills.

Not only this she also informed her friend and relatives about the incident to help them take better decisions and help in maintaining their budget as well and check for any unwanted subscriptions.

Additional tips

Some additional steps that should be taken care with these data broker websites are:

  • Check for unwanted subscriptions that are no longer in use.
  • Unsubscribe unnecessary memberships that are taken in the past.
  • Check if there is any extra billing and maintain budget properly.Verify after the cancellation is done so that no extra cost is there.
  • Checkout other data aggregation platforms, such as a simple guide to opting out from
  • Checkout other data aggregation platforms, such as a simple guide to opting out from

Experimental Results

This cancellation process is officially proven and is simple to implement. You can easily follow the above-mentioned steps and get the subscription cancellation done. No more additional cost, tax charges, recurring charges and unwanted billing.
It is better to do the cancellation than having to pay for subscription that is no longer required. To gain financial freedom and cancelling additional costs it is essential to

remove your membership on these platforms. Do regular checkups for any other site that charge some fee. Be careful at all times with your money and personal information at any platform.


  1. What is PeopleLooker?

    It is a website that offers the ability to view people’s information and know more about them by simply searching about them on this website. It will provide other additional details about people.

  2. How to cancel a peoplelooker trail?

    To cancel 7-day trail, the process is same as full-membership. Through phone, email or online the subscription can be cancelled.

  3. How to verify that subscription has been cancelled?

    To verify look for confirmation mail.


Cancelling PeopleLooker’s subscription empowers you to take control of online privacy and maintain overall budget by removing unwanted subscriptions. It is a proactive step in enhancing security and being concerned about frequent billing and unnecessary payments. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide you can cancel your subscription.

It is essential in this landscape to be vigilant, and take control of your online presence.

Call to Action

Share your learning and experience of cancelling subscription with your friends, relatives and acquaintance. Let us spread awareness about these platforms and tell everyone to be more vigilant about their online presence and take note of memberships and subscriptions on such platforms, so that others can also benefit from it.


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