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In today’s advanced world, protecting your digital privacy and personal individual information  is of supreme importance. OfficialUSA.com is a data brokerage website that collects and shares  public records and personal data. It acts as a platform where individuals can look for details  such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal details. While the site may offer ease for some users, it also be a matter of concern regarding privacy and data security. 

Understanding officialusa.com 

OfficialUSA.com like multitudinous data brokers is like a huge hub where anyone can find  public records and personal information. Seems beneficial, right? But it’s also a privacy hazard.  It gathers information from multiple sources like public records, government databases, and  online references, which can be retrieved by anyone within the web posing threat to  individuals. It works by trading this data for economic return.  

Our digital footprints when we leave trails of data while using the online tools is used by  OfficialUSA.com to have our details. It uses cookies and technical tools to gather information. 

But no worries! There’s a way out of this digital maze. Opting out from OfficialUSA.com is  possible, and here’s a guide through it. Once you’re out then your data is safe, away from  curious glance. 

Why Opting Out is Important?  

Opting out is like putting a big “Do not Disturb” sign for your personal information. Data on  these sites is like inviting trouble on your virtual door. By opting out you’re choosing who can  see your information. When enough people opt out, these broker sites get a message that data is not a cool commodity to be used for trading!! It is a big step to reclaim your online privacy.  And in today’s digital era it is more significant than ever. Removing your data from these  platforms averts it from showing in search engine results and refraining spams. 

How do OfficialUSA.com utilize your data?  

Well, it is a collection of data that has records of people’s personal information. It is focused to  find someone’s information or details, to verify and check on them. But at the same time, it is  used for trading of information which can be a threat as public records are available with great ease and it can be used by fraudsters for identity theft, spam calls and other malicious  purposes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Opting Out (Screenshots)

Let me take you through the opting out process. Follow the listed steps to regain your digital  privacy: – 

STEP 1) Visit OfficialUSA.com official website: –  

Firstly, go to the official website http://www.officialusa.com 


STEP 2) Search your name: – 

Enter you name in the search bar to find your details. 

A list of names will appear from there select your full name. 

Search your name

STEP 3) Find your details and then select “Remove My Info”: – 

Select the record that aligns with your full name and information. 

When you see your details then go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Remove My  Info’ option.

Remove My Info

STEP 4) Fill the removal request form: – 

Enter your email address and full name. If you don’t see an email address create a new  one that does not display your personal information for the removal request form. Use the same email and name listed in the information you saw. 

Enter the details then enter URL of the page where you saw your information.

removal request form

STEP 5) Select your data and click ‘Remove’: – 

A list of similar records will appear on the next page select your record. 

Click on ‘Remove’ button at the bottom of the page after selecting your record. The  team will remove the data in a few days. 


It would probably take around a week or two for data removal. It may still take some  more time, for confirmation of your data removal search your information on the  platform and contact [email protected].

Examples of Platforms Aggregating Personal Data In addition to OfficialUSA.com, several other platforms aggregate personal data, including: 

  • AnyWho – https://www.anywho.com.
  • Whitepages – http://www.whitepages.com 
  • Spokeo – http://www.spokeo.com 
  • PeopleFinder – http://www.peoplefinder.com 
  • Search Public Records – http://www.app2.searchpublicrecords.com
  • PeopleLooker – http://www.peoplelooker.com 

These platforms highlight the pervasive nature of data aggregation and the importance of  proactive privacy management. 

Case Study 

Dina a college student who is active on social media sharing her life online came to discover  how her information is publicly available, when her friends told her about OfficialUSA.com.  Alas! to her surprise, the information like her address, phone number and email address are  visible to the public. She’s alarmed as this exposure can be of great threat to her online privacy  such as spam calls and identity theft.  

She makes a decision to opt out of OfficialUSA.com. She follows the mentioned steps and  Finally! Her information is removed within a few weeks…!!! Not only that, she is now very alert  and informs her friends and loved ones about this matter and how they should opt out of  OfficialUSA.com too. Through this method she is spreading awareness about online privacy  and security. 

Additional Privacy Tips 

Not only opting out is important but also some additional steps should be taken to maintain  your online privacy. 

  • Review your online presence on a regular basis and remove unnecessary data visible  on the internet and also secure personal data online. 
  • Delete cookies and check for security while visiting new sites online.
  • Discuss with others about online privacy and spread awareness about the same.
  • Be very vigilant while sharing personal data anywhere digitally. 
  • Use strong passwords and adjust privacy settings accordingly. 
  • Checkout other data aggregation platforms, such as a simple guide to opting out from  AnyWho.com.

Experimental Results 

This opt out process is experimentally proven to improve online privacy and security for all the  folks around! It is recommended to follow the above-mentioned steps and get awesome  results. No more contact details, additional information and personal data visible to the public  with just a few steps.  

So, as stated “Prevention is better than cure”, keep your data secure, do regular checkups at  multiple data broker sites and yes!! Be careful at all times with your personal information while  being active online. Feel safe, secure and protected regarding your data.  


What is OfficialUSA.com? 

OfficialUSA.com helps to find public records and information and is an online data  broker, that can be of help yet not completely as it threatens online privacy. 

Is it ok that OfficialUSA.com has your information?

It is not ok to have your information on these portals as it can result in identity theft  and unwanted calls. 

How do OfficialUSA.com get your details?  

It does from various sources such as government records, website cookies etc. 

How to remove information from OfficialUSA.com?  

To remove your information, visit the official website, then look for your details and  click on ‘Remove My Info’ and then fill the form and select your record and click on  remove. Your information will be removed in a few weeks. 


Since it is crucial to maintain online privacy and security for your benefit and personal safety,  it is necessary that people follow the steps to opt out of these sites and also benefit others by  spreading and sharing this message for digital safety. Regularly review your online presence  and take action whenever you require to secure your details and be careful while sharing any  data and during online transactions as well.  

Being aware, careful and active can help individuals be more protected, secure and free from  any threats. So, it is highly advisable to be vigilant and mindful of u=your personal data and  be safe from potential risks. It is doable to opt out from OfficialUSA.com and hence improving  our digital privacy. 

Call to Action 

Share your learnings and experience of opting out from OfficialUSA.com and other data  aggregation platforms with us and your friends and family. Let us all spread awareness about  online privacy and how our data is available on such sites so that every individual can benefit  from it and secure their data.  

For your people, gift them a sense a security while they opt out from such platforms. So,  heading towards a better and protected world join people with you by making them aware  about these very significant steps to maintain online privacy and security altogether!


Sadique Mannan
Sadique Mannan

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